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5 Simple DIY Tips for an Elegant Bridal Shower

Easy Elegant Bridal Shower Event Planning Ideas

Bridal showers are a rite of passage, marking the most important day in a woman’s life. The bride-to-be is about to embark on the journey of sharing the rest of her days with the love of her life. She wants her events to be executed perfectly, and she deserves it. That’s why we’re sharing these 5 easy tips to turn ordinary objects into elegant bridal shower decor.

#1. Buckets & Ribbon

Just a small amount of tasteful ribbon, tied in a simple bow, can bring charming style to the most plain bucket. This is a great idea for ice buckets to keep beverages chilled or a bin for guests to leave their cards for the bride.

Ice Bucket With Ribbon Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas | ForBrideandBaby

#2. Champagne Bottles & Glitter

What are you drinking at your party? This trick will make champagne, wine, soda, and even beer look charming. Simply paint the bottom of the bottles with craft glue and sprinkle them with your choice of glitter. Be sure to give these an ample amount of time to dry before the party, and chill them in something other than the ice bucket, since the water will remove some of the glitter.

Champagne Bottles & Glitter Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas | ForBrideandBaby

#3. Bottles & Light Strings

Light strings are a great way to add ambiance to any room. Perhaps you have some from the holidays that you’re not currently using. Stuff them in some bottles that you might have otherwise recycled, and create a brand new decorative lamps to place throughout the shower venue. Couldn’t be easier.

Bottles & Light Strings | Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas | ForBrideandBaby

Image from DesignsByMike LLC on Etsy

#4. Mason Jars & Place Holder Cards

Are you looking for a creative way to display place holder cards at your event? Why not use those canning jars that have been sitting in your pantry unused since you made preserves 3 years ago. You can tie the name cards around the rim of the jars with some twine, and place personalized notes, candy, or gifts inside.

“She wants her events to be executed

perfectly, and she deserves it.”

Mason Jar Place Holders Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas | ForBrideandBaby

#5. Votives, Leaves, & Twine

It’s Autumn, the leaves are falling, and the kids are using them for all sorts of fun crafts. Well, why not follow their lead and utilize them in your elegant bridal shower theme by wrapping them around some plain votives (that you can pick up at most drugstores at a very low cost) or jars, and securing them with twine. Drop some tea light candles in, and you’ve got perfect table centerpieces. You can toss the leaves out at the end of the evening and either keep the votives, or give them to other guests.

Votives, Leaves, & String | Elegant Bridal Shower Ideas | ForBrideandBaby

Image source: Better Homes & Gardens

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