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About Us

Thank you for taking a quick break from your overwhelming day to take a look at ForBrideandBaby. I hope that our site makes your role as a Bride or a Super Mom, a little easier.

In 2007, taking the cue from some of my friends and reaching back to find something I knew and could share, I developed ForBrideAndBaby.com. Within the pages of the site you will find some of the most unique ideas for Weddings and Babies that the web has to offer. I have also added some comments to personalize your experience and lots of information to make your experience a great one. There are many ‘Checklists’ to keep you on target and links to articles and tools to help even the most organized Bride or Mom. I hope you use this site as a tool to create a Fairy book Wedding or a safe, healthy adorable baby. Bookmark it and come back often, that’s why I developed it!

When I am not at my computer, I can be found with my husband of forty ears, one of my three daughters or three sons-in-law or doing my most beloved job’ being with one of my seven grandchildren! I’ve planned many luncheons and showers and given three weddings, so it’s no wonder I know how to cater to the needs of busy women and executives.

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years. Twenty years ago, I was the owner of Northbrook, Illinois based Kreative Kids and Parties, Inc. where I taught music and imagination classes to local children ages two through five. I also created a music and imagination class that I performed at children’s birthday parties. Kids and their mom’s still run up to me on the street and tell me I sang at their parties or at their children’s parties!

From those parties came a personalized entertainment service selecting and contracting over fifty entertainers for parties. Several years later, I opened a complete party goods store providing the party goods and goody bags for children’s parties and favors and centerpieces for weddings, bar mitzvahs and other parties. Though on its third owner, Kreative Parties is still a prominent business in the Northern Chicago suburbs.

In 1995, I came out of “Retirement” to join the staff of Veeco Manufacturing, Inc., a family-owned, 60 year old business, looking for a new identity and direction.  It took ten years, but Veeco now boasts the Beauty Industry’s finest website and a reputation for excellence.Now, back in “retirement”, I’m striving to do the same for ForBrideandBaby.com!

Drop me a note and tell me what you think of the site. I welcome your comments, good and bad. So please, contact me.

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