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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Shower Favor Suggestions to Fit your Theme

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Circular button picture frameIt doesn’t have to be a chore to come up with baby shower favor ideas. The celebration of the birth of a new baby with a baby shower is a fun and exciting event for everyone. All your friends and family gather around you to ‘shower’ you and the father-to-be with wonderful, useful gifts for the new baby. Why not return the favor (so to speak) and show your guests your appreciation with a thoughtful selection baby shower favors?

It’s hard to go wrong when selecting special baby shower favors. Look for baby shower favor ideas beginning with the theme of your party. Is your baby shower a more formal occasion or are you planning to have good, silly fun with all your friends and family? Taking the theme and your guests into account will help point you in the right direction when choosing gifts for your baby shower loot bags.

If your baby shower plans fit into the fun and games category, think about choosing fun gifts that will add to the enjoyment of the event as your guests sort through their loot. Items like the About to Pop microwave popcorn can be personalized and will give your guests a laugh, not to mention a treat for later. The Bun in the Oven scented candle is another neat gift with a cute twist. Both items can be found in our Baby Shower Favors Shop.

Of course, a more formal theme will call for gifts that are a bit less tongue-in-cheek. There’s a wide variety of choices, and you’re sure to find something that will fit your theme and your budget. Consider one larger gift to take the place of many smaller favors. A beautiful picture frame with an inspirational message is a gift that everyone can use and enjoy. We found some personalized bags of wildflower seeds that your guests can plant in their own garden in honor of your new baby.

Finally, remember that the packaging you choose can do double duty as a decoration when arranged creatively. Choosing clear or colored cello bags finished off with a bit of curling ribbon will certainly be easy on your budget. Get creative with your mix of bag colors and ribbons, and you will have made your own statement in an inexpensive, yet elegant way. Tie a pacifier or other baby-related trinket to the ribbon, and remember it’s your creation so you can’t do it wrong!

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