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Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baby Showers Favors Ideas

by Gail Leino

Everyone loves going to celebrate the birth of a new baby and they usually bring lots of gifts with them to a baby shower, but you should always try to put a small gift together in the form of Baby Shower loot bags to give something back to your wonderful guests.

It’s not difficult to create cute little gift bags for your guests and you are almost certain to have fun deciding what to put in them. Is the party going to be more wacky and silly or do you want something a little more formal and calm? The theme of your party would affect what kind of loot bags you make.

For a fun, silly kind of party you may want to pick up gag gifts for your loot bags. Things like adult diapers are inexpensive and make a great item to add to the loot bags and laugh over with the guests. You can also include some food. There are companies that specialize in making themed candies and you could certainly find something suitable. I’ve heard of one woman who had baby shaped chocolates at her party. The guests did a lot of talking about that nifty treat.

Other kinds of items to include in a baby shower loot bag can vary according to taste. As previously mentioned the more formal shower will include a more formal loot bag. There may still be candies, but instead of gag gifts you might find a candle holder with a relevant inscription or even a small stuffed animal of your very own. Pacifier keychains are very popular and could be given at both kinds of showers.

The decoration of the loot bag is just as important as what’s inside of it. Many opt for a simple clear or colored cellophane bag tied at the top with a bit of curled ribbon. This is relatively inexpensive and still provides a nice party decoration. To accent the bags try tying a pair of unused surgical or latex gloves to the bag with the ribbon. It fits well with the theme of a baby shower because, hopefully the baby will be born at the hospital. You can also tie a pacifier or nuknuk to the outside of the bag. Just about anything will work as long as you can tie it in with the theme of the party.

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