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Baby Shower Themes | Boys, Girls, Multiples


Baby Shower Themes for Everyone!Baby Shower Themes

Planning a baby shower? When it comes to themes, you literally have hundreds of options available and loads of ideas to consider.

When choosing between baby shower themes and motif, be sure to take your guest-of-honor into consideration. Themes like a rubber ducky or even an elegant baby shower theme idea, should be selected to match the new Mom’s taste and personality.  Baby shower themes are so much fun to select and most are available with tons of invitations, favors and centerpieces to choose from.  So consider these shower ideas:

Does the mom-to-be know if the baby is a boy or a girl or is she waiting to be surprised? There are plenty of options for both gender specific and gender neutral themes. Also take into consideration the mom-to-be’s style. Is Owl Baby Shower Themeshe modern or traditional? Does she like simple or wild? Does she have a specific interest like a love of animals or a particular sports team? Does she have a favorite color (if you know the colors and/or theme of the nursery this would be a fabulous place to start)! Is she religious? If the baby shower isn’t a surprise, be sure to get input from the mom-to-be. Perhaps she would like to choose her own theme. Taking all of this into consideration, here is a great selection of baby shower party theme ideas that work well whether or not you know the gender of the baby (be sure to click each image to see a huge assortment of matching favors, decorations, invitations and more):

To save money be sure to also consider mixing and matching serving ware with your theme pattern. Use solid colored napkins or cups that compliment your theme’s color scheme.  It’s a great way to “be different” and save money.

Below is just a sampling of more baby shower themes. After clicking on your selection, you’ll be directed to our partner store to complete your selection!

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