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Little Babies Create Long Shopping Lists

Baby & Toddler Necessities

Babies might be small, but taking care of them is a huge job! And that huge job comes  with a long list of must haves to make sure your newborn little bundle of joy is clean, clothed, entertained and soothed. From bottles and binkies to blankets and rattles, babies need everything!

When you start to consider all of the needs of your little one, it can be overwhelming.  Luckily, she won’t need everything all at once.  The things that a baby needs change as she grows, so you can work on getting what you need just when you need it instead of trying to do it all at once.

Before the baby even arrives, you will need to accumulate all of the equipment required to survive the first few months.  Infant baby products include:  Blankets, burp cloths, onesies, sleepers, a baby bathtub, bouncy seat, car seat, travel bed, monitor, crib bedding, tiny washclothes, pacifiers, Boppy pillows, strollers…the list goes on and on!

Once you have gotten through the first few months, your baby begins to expand his menu and his need for entertainment. A high chair, baby utensils, unbreakable bowls, teethers, an exerciser or jumper, and more engaging toys move onto your shopping list.

And as soon as you’ve mastered baby needs, the baby grows into a toddler with a whole new list of requirements. Toddler Products include: Sippy cups, blocks, pull-ups and booster seats are now on your to-do list.

Luckily, along with their long list of demands, babies also come with smiles and giggles, cuddles and cuteness. You will be so enthralled with your baby that you won’t even mind keeping up with all of his needs and the ongoing shopping list that comes along with them.

We’ve  found lots of information about baby’s health and safety, including traveling with baby, tips from the TSA and the best travel gear for babies and toddlers.

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