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Baby’s First Blankee | Personalized Baby Gifts

Nothing is as important to baby as his or her first blankee – except Mommy, of course!

First Blankee Baby's Personalized PigBaby’s first blankee, lovey, or simply “blanket” is vital to his or her security, and mom’s sanity.

Have you ever heard a friend tell you that “my baby spit up on their “blankee” and is having a fit while it’s been washed? ”  Chances are you have!   So, pick one your baby will love, are willing to take with you anywhere, and then buy 2!

Many of today’s  blankets are organic, beautiful, and durable. Choose from our wide selection of baby blankets, including personalized blankets for your precious child.

Whether you choose a comfy lamb friend or a  personalized blanket these baby  blankets make wonderful baby gifts, and many come in boxed  gift sets that include a stuffed animal or toy.

TipFBAB Tip:Wash baby’s first blankee in infant-safe detergent, and exchange for a clean one often. This little trick will save you many unhappy hours. Use our interactive search box to narrow your search. Enter a phrase like “pink baby blanket” and see what’s available!

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