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Creating Your Own Baby Shower Centerpiece

Decorate Your Party with Baby Shower Mylar Balloons & Pastel Latex Balloons

baby shower centerpieceIt’s simple to decorate and create a centerpiece for a baby shower with mylar balloons and these adorable baby shoe balloon weights or several of other available balloon weights.  What you’ll need to make an inexpensive party centerpiece:

  • One baby girl balloon weight or baby boy balloon weight per table (Don’t forget the food or gift tables!)
  • A roll of ribbon
  • Choose pink, blue , green or yellow pastel balloons for your shower centerpiece
  • One baby shower mylar balloon for each table and/ or an 2 or 4 latex balloons.  Always use a total of 3 or 5 (odd number) balloons for a centerpiece.  Odd numbers of balloons just look better.

Ps. Don’t forget an extra balloon for the mailbox!

Creating the Centerpiece:

  • Inflate balloon and use enough ribbon to curl lots of ribbon at the bottom (If you are buying balloons, ask for extra long ribbons)
  • Tie each balloon to the top of the metal wring. wrap and curl ribbon.
  • To add an extra special touch, insert a photo of the mommy to be into the weight stand.
  • Complete your party theme. Buying your own balloons and filling them at home is much cheaper than buying them at a store. If you are on a tight budget, this is a sure way to save money. Be sure to order the portable helium tank shown below:

    Disposable Helium Tanks

    Now you can fill your party balloons at home! This lightweight, disposable helium-filled tank fills approximately 20 latex balloons (12; float time of 5-7 hours), or approximately 20 mylar balloons (18; float time of up to 4 days). Includes disposal instructions .

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