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Kitchen Bridal Shower Games

Easy Printable Bridal Shower GamesBridal Shower Games keep the party moving, the guests mingling, and the bride happy! There are all sorts of games for your bridal shower.  Typically,  the shower games you play should correspond to your shower theme.  To help make your guests feel comfortable, choose shower games that include groups of people ( like the entire table). rather than individuals.  You’ll  love the ease of ready made or printable games that you can download from your computer.  They have hundred’s of shower games that you’ll love.

Looking for some fun games to play at the bridal shower?  Here are some fun games for a Kitchen Shower:

Kitchen Shower Game Ideas

The Memory Game – A tray of kitchen utensils can be passed around the guests
while seated in a circle, then taken away. The guests then have to write
down what was on the tray. The person with the most correct answers wins a

Guest That Substance – Pass around some unlabeled spice jars and see how
many the guests can sniff correctly. This can also be done with “white
stuff”. Instead of spices, pass around some ziploc bags filled with flour,
baking soda, sugar, etc. to see if the guests can identify them by looking
at them.

Do You Know Your Groom – This is a game for the bride-to-be. Create some
questions based on the groom’s food preferences such as “what is his
favorite dessert?”. You can ask the groom’s mother or close relative to get
the answers.

Whatever bridal shower games you choose, be sure to include everyone and make them short and sweet!

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