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Car Seat Safety Tips – Home from the Hospital

car_seat_cover_parb.jpgBaby Car Seats Safety Tips

Make sure that you pick out a car seat before you are ready to go to the hospital. There are a lot of options and the choice may feel overwhelming at first.  You want to give yourself plenty of time to research and install the car seat before giving birth!

This may sound silly, but consider borrowing  a doll and practice buckling and unbuckling the baby into the car seat so that you are confident when driving your newborn home from the hospital.  It sure made my husband and I feel a lot more comfortable!

Here are some important details to remember when shopping for your newborn’s car seat:

  • Infant car seats are designed especially for infants and they must face the rear until the baby weighs twenty pounds or reaches the age of one.
  • After the baby turns one (or is greater than twenty pounds) they can use a forward facing seat until they reach about forty pounds.
  • When looking for a car seat there are lots of varieties to choose from. Some are designed to grow with your child.  For instance, they can be used as a rear-facing car seat and turned into a front facing car seat when your child reaches the appropriate age.
  • Traveling systems have a base that remains in the car. The infant/toddler car seat is easily removed from the car and  attached to a stroller frame.  After going for your walk, detach from the stroller and re-attach to the base in the car.

Here are some of our favorites infant car seats.  Be sure to use our interactive search to shop for a particular brand.  Just enter something like:

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