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Creative Baby Shower Themes

Babie shower candlesComing up with a creative baby shower theme is not easy, especially if you know the  that this special modern mommy is anything but conventional! Why not plan a baby shower theme specific to the mom and her style? Use Creative Baby Shower Themes to plan a celebration that’s as unique as she is! Choose from our great selection of themed baby shower favors, invitations, and decorations. Your trendy mom-to-be will appreciate that you planned the special celebration with her style in mind.

Here are some great baby shower planning ideas from our partner store, Beau-Coup.com. A baby shower is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate a new addition to the family. Incorporating personalized baby shower favors like this practical and fun personalized lip balm is a fabulous way to make the event a truly personal one. Unique  baby shower decorations can include baby pictures of your guests hung on string or ribbon, and you can provide  guests with some edible baby shower favors such as personalized cookies or brownie favor pops.

If the mom-to-be lives the “green” lifestyle, you can have a green shower without sacrificing style. Use recycled paper in your decorations by using old newspapers to make decorative pom poms and napkin rings. Small potted plants or herbs can be the center of your décor and can double as gifts . You can also give out plantable seed favors and use these natural woven drawstring sacs as favor bags.

Go Co-Ed! Dads used to get ignored when it was time for the baby shower, but a co-ed shower allows both mom and dad to celebrate the special event. To make this theme work, you’ll need to get really creative and avoid any over-cutesy themes. Consider doing a sports themed shower at a local park with competitive co-ed games and let mom referee!

Just remember to have fun and to keep the parents’ style in mind when planning the shower. After all, it’s a celebration for their new bundle of joy!

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