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Decorating Your Wedding Tables With Rose Petals

rose petal wedding decorationsHave you always loved roses?  Rose petals are often called “nature’s confetti” and you can’t beat how they just say “romance”  Besides,  being colorful and beautiful they provide a wonderful scent for all to enjoy.

Because rose petals and Bougainvellea petals come in a wide range of colors it’s easy to match your color scheme.  There are lots of simple and clever ways to use rose petals in your decorating theme. Rose petals add luxury to your wedding day,such as a rose petal runway shown on the left to the  sophistication to your tabletops… or romance to any special occasion with fresh or freeze dried rose petals that look, smell, and feel like they just fell off the stems. Perfect for wedding or party favors, not to mention sensuous decoration. Did you know that rose colors have different meanings?  Visit our partner store, Pick a Petal, to learn about roste colors and their meaning.

Here are some of our favorites way to decorate your wedding tables:

  • Scatter petals on guest tables. It really can be that simple and still be breathtaking.
  • Arrange around a small centerpiece of  white votive candles.
  • For a dramatic effect, completely cover the head table with French lavender buds”>French lavender buds on restroom vanities for a distinctive decorative look and lovely floral scent.

By just scattering  a few here and there you can easily create a cohesiveness throughout the entire room. A few around the gift and cake tables along with a clear bowl filled with water and a rose petals and a floating candle makes a beautiful and elegant arrangement.  Continue the rose petal theme by placing a rose petal under sugar cubes when it’s time to serve coffee.

Simple, easy, and elegant!

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