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Helping Moms Succeed in Their Business

Meet Angie Vinez

Angie Vinez, founder and creator of BuyByMom. is a mom to 5 amazing children and a passion for the moms who want to stay home with their children by selling the items that they create.

She has been there having started an online boutique, in 2006, and trying so hard to market it and get word out about what she did. However, in over 2 years, she only ever made 2 sales from the boutique. Heartbroken she decided it just wasn’t worth it. All the time, money, and effort she was putting into the website was bringing her nothing in return. She was frustrated, angry, and didn’t understand what I was doing wrong.
About, BuyByMom.com, Angie says, “My goal is to keep that from happening to other moms. I want to see mothers succeed in their businesses and be able to stay at home with their children. I want to spread the word about the amazing talent that you mothers possess and I want to see you succeed beyond your wildest dreams in your business.”

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