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10 Facts About The Hindu Wedding Ceremony That Will Impress Your Friends

Hindu Wedding Ceremony and Traditions

Hindu wedding ceremoniesThe many traditions of the  Hindu wedding ceremony include  bright, rich colors, lavish events and many rituals. The festivities and religious aspects of a Hindu Marriage Ceremony create a larger wedding than most and sometimes include thousands of people. Indian tradition has always meant  an arranged marriage , in more contemporary times, many partners choose to marry each other. The traditional Indian Hindu wedding ceremony is as much about two families as it is about two people. Many of the traditions follow a combination of religious, local and family traditions.

Wedding day ceremonies consist of the Baraat, the Varmala and the Phere , and the Vidaai. The bride is formally sent to the groom’s household in the Vidaai ceremony. During Kanyadaan, the bride’s parents give their daughter away in marriage and the groom makes three promises. The next ceremony is the Bariksha, this is when the bride’s parents formally acknowledge and approve of the groom. Next is the Tilak, where the bride’s parent visit the groom’s family and formalize the relationship. This large feast is the first of many family feasts. The Tilak is followed by the daytime observance of Byaha Haath, preparing the bride and groom for their wedding.

The  wedding is characterized by the Sanskrit word “Shaadi”. The India, Pakistan and Bangladesh traditions have been carried over by immigrants to the United States and Great Britain and include the modern traditions of cutting the cake, wedding favors and the first dance.

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