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Hispanic Arras Coins

Celebrate Your Hispanic Wedding Traditions

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Shop from this outstanding collection of Hispanic wedding accessories including favors, cake toppers, Arras coins, Hispanic bibles, Raina Mantilla Wedding Veil, wedding lassos and more!

Felicitaciones por su proxima boda. Compre de esta colecci³n excepcional de recuerdos para una boda hispana, figuras de novios para el pastel, las Arras, biblias en espanol, velos para la novia tradicionales y modernos, lazos de bodas y mucho m¡s!

Arras Coin CarriageAn ornate design and a brilliant gold finish makes an elegant presentation for your Arras Coins during the ceremony. Please note, this carriage is designed for dime-sized Arras coins and is not appropriate for Unity Coins or other large coins.

Fill your carriage with reproductions of the arras coins that have been used in Spain and throughout the world for centuries. One side  of the coins are imprinted with two hands clasped over a heart and the words “Recuerdo Matrimonial”, or wedding souvenir. On the other, a couple in front of a church.  These make great wedding and shower favors &  gifts.

Celebrate your Heritage!

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