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Ketubah – A Symbol of the Jewish Wedding

What is a Ketubah?


A ketubah (plural is ketubot) is,  in its simplest form, a Jewish marriage contract. But the ketubah is also meant to be a work of art and a family heirloom, because in the Jewish tradition ritual items are always supposed to be made as beautiful as possible. That is why these make such beautiful bridal shower and wedding gifts. Many couples who are not Jewish also have embraced the idea and are incorporating their own form of this highly decorated marriage certificate into their ceremony.

ketubahtree-of-life.jpgThere are countless types, designs and styles of ketubot like the ones shown here. The Tree of Life is a popular theme and each one should be an individual reflection of the couple’s personality and

love for one another. During the wedding ceremony the text of the ketubah is read aloud and it is signed by the Rabbi, the couple and their witnesses. After the wedding, most couples choose to frame and display their ketubah in their home.

ketubah3.jpgIn addition to Orthodox and Conservative texts, Ketubot are now available with modern texts for interfaith, same sex and other non-traditional unions. Ours are also available with “no text” for those of you who are not Jewish. In this case, once you receive the ketubah you may customize it with your vows, or any other words you wish. Hiring a professional calligrapher or artist to do this will likely give you the best results.

Reprinted from MySpiritualWedding.com

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