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Jungle Baby Shower Ideas

King or Queen of the Jungle Baby Shower Themes

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Lion BalloonPut on your safari suit and pith helmet because I heard you’™re throwing an animal jungle baby shower!

Because this is such a popular baby shower idea, the possibilities are going to be endless and RIP-ROARING FUN.

What better place for an animal jungle baby shower than the great outdoors where you can take advantage of nature’s own perfect setting.   It’s authentic and doesn’t even cost you a dime! Use green trees, shrubs, etc. as a backdrop for your animal jungle baby shower. Beg, borrow and steal as many potted plants, ferns, and large leaved plants as you can to create the perfect setting.

If you hold it in the early evening you can set up an outdoor clay chimney, lights, and tiki torches and create an instant exotic atmosphere for your guests. Make sure to have jungle sounds playing in the background. It will help your guests to imagine that they are actually in the deep, dark jungles of the Amazon or Africa. If you can’™t take advantage of the fine outdoors or weather is not permitting, don’™t worry.

You can create a animal jungle baby shower by bringing the outdoors inside with these great decorations:

  • THINK JUNGLE! Use leaves, palm branches and bamboo around the food table.
  • Looking for an authentic feel, take a walk in the woods and pull down some grapevines to hang from the ceilings or the trees. If that’™s not possible, get some paper bags and roll them tightly to resemble vines. Add some construction paper leaves and artificial flowers with huge exotic and colorful blooms.
  • Make sure to order some monkeys and parrots and let them hang off the vines.
  • Paper goods color theme is easy. Any combination of your favorite, bright colorful primary colors will blend perfectly with these Queen and King of the Jungle party supplies.
  • Animal Print Balloons

  • Borrow all the stuffed animals you can find and place them around the tables and let them be in charge of holding these colorful animal print balloons.
  • Or decorate with a clear vase a place one, simple bird of paradise stem in each vase.
  • Use as much animal print as you can find and ask your guests to wear animal print in the invitation.
  • Decorate doorways with streamers, vines and leaves.
  • Decorate the mother to be’s chair with camouflage, cheetah, or zebra printed material.
  • Rent Lipstick Jungle DVDs to play in the background.

Party Games

For one of the games create a page of two lists. One is a list of adult jungle animals and the other is a list of the names of the babies. For example, an adult animal Deer, and they would have to match it with the baby animal…fawn. Set a timer and the person who matches the most correct wins! Another game you can play is to pass out a sheet of paper with the letter of the alphabet listed and 2 spaces next to it. Set a timer and have the guests write down 2 animals for each letter. If they don’™t have two then they can’™t count it at the end. They must have two in order to be counted in the tally. Both games are a lot harder than it seems.

Party Food

The menu for the animal theme babyshower can be simple fare. Include, tropical jungle fruit platter Monkey Cake(mango, pineapple, bananas, etc.) with delicious fruit dip, veggie tray, coconut shrimp and chicken with a mango sauce and a pineapple sauce. Finish it off with some delicious home-made coconut cupcakes with animal crackers on top and you are sure to have a happy and satisfied crowd. Favors are included when you Take advantage of the King and Queen of the Jungle Party Boxes.

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