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Kitchen Shower for the Bride

Planning a Kitchen Shower

A kitchen-themed Bridal Shower is so much fun and is perfect for brides just starting out on their own and for brides who have been on their own for awhile, and love to cook.

Recipe Cards

Be creative and look for ways to make this party fun. With the invitation, send along a recipe card.  Suggest that the guest write down a favorite recipe and for the gift, perhaps they will want to add items that go along with the recipe.  A chili recipe, for example, may come with the perfect mix of seasonings, while a never-fail cake recipe may come with a cake pan and a bottle of real vanilla.  Provide an empty recipe card box or scrapbook to save those treasured recipes.

Around the Clock

Around the clock is another way to make a kitchen bridal shower fun. Assign each guest a particular time of day, from 6 am to 11 pm.  Invite guests to bring a gift that coincides with the time.  A morning gift might include a coffeemaker, while a late evening one might be a popcorn popper.


Edible favors are almost mandatory for this type of shower. Be creative and attach a small kitchen helper to an edible gift.  Gourmet hot chocolate or tea is always a hit.

popcorn popperGifts

Kitchen showers make it easy to find a gift at an affordable price.  Choose from these top selling kitchen gifts under $25!

Enjoy showering the bride with love and attention as you help her stock her kitchen with supplies!

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