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Cultural Wedding Favors Celebrate Your Heritage

chocolate wedding favor boxesCultural Wedding Favors Include Family Traditions

Many thoroughly modern couples want to merge their family’s cultural traditions into their wedding ceremony and their party favors. Cultural Wedding favors are easy to find if you know where to look and you’ve come to the right place. A traditional wedding can be a beautiful way to acknowledge your past as you move into your future.  Both bride and groom may have their own view of what’s traditional so it’s a perfect time to start compromising.  So why not incorporate both? We’ve gathered some of the best cultural wedding favors and found out these interesting facts. We hope your impressed!

Here are some traditional wedding favors for various cultures:

  • One of the most traditional wedding favors, especially within the Italian culture, is the sugar-coated Jordan Almond, also known as Confetti.  This simple and budget-friendly treat can be packaged in an endless variety of ways like traditional flower-like wrapping to elegant laser cut filigree designs and tailored black-tie appropriate choices.  The almonds come in a huge assortment of colors and are sure to match any wedding theme.
  • For a traditional Chinese wedding mint tins, favor bags, ornaments and even a wedding cake topper are available with the traditional “double happiness” symbol ensuring your wedding day will give joy to all of your guests!
  • Want to request the newly married couple to kiss? Give each guest a tiny bell to ring to get that couple smooching.  Wedding bells are a tradition unto themselves, and make a lovely gift for guests to take home to remember your wedding.

No matter what your background or culture might be, there are many wedding favors to choose from that will bring an element of  tradition to your special wedding.  Family and friends will remember these timeless elements that show a part of who you are and what is important to you.

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