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Unique Baby and Childrens’ Gifts

Personalized Childrens’ and Baby Gifts are Always a Hit!

Personalize Baby FrameHere you can have any baby gift personalized, including a unique gift baby will enjoy. Personalized childrens’ books and personalized photo books as well.

The story behind HappyKids:
Happy Kids began in 1989 with one product – the Magical Journeys personalized cassette tape. Michael and Cindy Rosenbaum are the husband and wife owners of Happy Kids. One day, in the late 1980s, Michael took out his guitar to play some children’s songs for his young son Jason and his friend. The idea popped in Michael’s mind, as he was playing, to use Jason and his friend’s name in the songs. The kids theyre so enthusiastic about having their names in the songs that Michael and Cindy decided to create an album of personalized children’s songs. Happy Kids was born!

They’ve grown since then, and added many new products, but they’ve always been a friendly, family-owned business. they do what they do because it brings a smile to kids’ faces and makes them feel special! Everyone on our staff also has a friendly personality, and they pride ourselves on our wonderful, high-quality products and providing outstanding customer service.

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