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4 Mason Jar Themed Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding Favor Ideas Involving Mason Jars

As a wedding favor at the last reception I attended, last Summer, I received a simple mason jar filled with delicious homemade jam that the bride had made herself. I loved the gesture, and enjoyed every bite of toast I spread the love on. This gave me the idea to check out what kind of mason jar favor ideas I could find on Swoozies. Here are my favorites:

1. Mason Jar Stationery

This rustic stationery design is 5.5″ x 8.5″ and could be used as an invitation, or even a placemat to set favors on or hold onto as a keepsake.

Mason Jar Wedding Favor Stationery

2. Personalized Mason Jar Mugs

These 16 oz mugs are etched with a single block initial and come in sets of 4. You could adorn them with guests initials or that of the bride and groom.

Mason Jar Wedding Favor


3. Chalk Board Mason Jar With Straw

Write personalized messages to your guests on these jars and encourage them to take them home where they can write their own.

Chalkboard Mason Jar With Straw

4. Chalkboard Mason Jar Drinking Cups

Another pint sized (!6 oz) mason jar idea. These would be perfect placeholders at a reception.

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

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